by Minrong Chen & Cynthia Meng, music by Gabe Aspey

" Self depends on consciousness, not on substance... personal identity consists: not in the identity of substance, but, as I have said, in the identity of consciousness" by John Locke.

We imagine that the future development of technology has the potential in helping to solve pandemic situations similar to the one we are facing right now by separating our minds away from our physical body. This future possibility challenges our way of living and our understandings of the relationship between body, consciousness, and identity.


Virtual Space

*An imaginary space that 'contains' people's conscious minds.
*The picture layers formed a layout similar to a circular maze, which allows people to wander around in the space.
*Each collage layers is a representation of individual's memory.
*We collected the pictures from people's posts on social media and then manipulated then into each collage layers.

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